According to the legislation on agencies, all brokerage activities must follow good practices. The Code of Conduct in Real Estate is a flexible norm continuously affected by court rulings, recommendations of the Consumer Disputes Board, instructions given by authorities and the established practices of the industry.

Settling disputes

Federation of Real Estate Agency in Finland does not offer advisory services or handle complaints or disputes related to real estate agencies. Any disputes should primarily be resolved through negotiations with the real estate agency. In such cases, please contact either your own agent or a manager at the agency.

Advisory services

 Consumer advice from the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority

The consumer advice service offers anyone free guidance and negotiation assistance for resolving disputes in apartment or property transactions, leasing and real estate or rental brokerage.

Agency supervision

Agencies are supervised by the Regional State Administrative Agencies (AVI). AVI handles complaints regarding agencies and makes supervision visits to agencies, among other things. You can report suspected malpractice by an agency to AVI.