Federation of Real Estate Agency

As a federation of the industry, we represent over 3,500 operators in the field through our member companies. We assist the operators in their continuous improvement of competence. We also operate as a supervisor and promoter of professional and reliable real estate brokerage.

International collaboration

The federation was the chair of Nordiska Egendomsmäklare Unionen NEU for 2019–2020.

The federation has close connections to the National Realtors’ Association, NAR, in the US. NAR’s annual convention brings together some 20,000 agents to learn the latest living trends and technological advances.

Good brokerage practice
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For consumers

Real estate brokerage industry market report for 2021: The housing market soared to record highs, regional inequality still visible

Last year saw a greater number of residential properties sold than any previous year, while prices simultaneously rose and selling times fell. There were clear developmental differences between regions.

The year 2021 will be remembered as a record-breaking year for residential property transactions. In 2021, more than 85,000 transactions were recorded in the Federation of Real Estate Agency’s price monitoring service, which covers the entire real estate brokerage industry in Finland. This is an increase of more than 10,000 transactions over 2020, the previous busiest year on record. During the early part of the year, almost every month broke records in terms of the number of real estate transactions completed.

The Code of conduct in Real Estate

Good brokerage practices promote the professionality of the real estate brokerage industry. The basic rules of the industry are determined to protect the buyer as well as the seller. A responsible agent knows the Code of Conduct in Real Estate and is committed to following its practices. Dealing with an agent committed to the Code of Conduct evokes feelings of security and reliability, especially in individual customers.